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Kitchen Pantry

Creative Solutions for the Weekend Chef

There are some core concepts that we employ when designing pantries. As with all our systems, function first. We are concerned about body mechanics if you are storing appliances. A heavy mixer should not be lifted up from the bottom shelf. We want to provide you with ladder space so that you can easily access our top shelf height. While either wire or board will make a fine solution, board is better if you want to store fine china or glassware due to it's solid surface. Ask about our options for storing vegetables, linens, spiceswine and serving platters. Pantries are hard-working spaces that you use often and should be well thought out in order to yield the best possible result. We direct the design to maximize the space. As manufacturers, we choose the height and depth so we can conquer awkward spaces easily.

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Multiple partitions in a pantry is helpful in organizing the space. Shelves are adjustable so you can arrange space for that jumbo box of cereal as well as that can of soup.   

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